Drayton Florence Tackling The Tech Space

Drayton Florence Tackling The Tech Space

Drayton Florence is a former superstar defensive back in the National Football League where he played professionally for eleven years. Playing for Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and San Deigo Chargers, Drayton knows what it means to play his best at the highest level.

Drayton is a University of North Florida graduate and has a Bachelors Degree in Sports Management. Florence was drafted with the 46th pick overall in 2003 from Tuskegee University, he is the highest drafted player from Tuskegee University’s history where he has been inducted into the Tuskegee University Sports Hall of Fame. With eleven years of playing experience and over 100 career starts, the skills and expertise he has amassed is unprecedented. He started his own non-for-profit after his rookie season, The Drayton Florence Foundation which has raised over $300,000 for various programs and events for communities locally and internationally.

Inducted into the Tuskegee University Sports Hall of Fame 2009

Drayton Florence Inducted into the Tuskegee University Sports Hall of Fame

Shortly after retiring from the NFL Florence formed S.M.G (Selective Management Group) to represent and educate professional athletes and entertainers in set industries. Player Management and Development is the area of focus between the managing partners and employees of SMG. Vetsuccess101 is another business Florence started to assist Military personnel in their transition from active duty to civilian life. At Vetsuccess101, Drayton and his team of experts provide training seminars, resources, employer/employee education and assist with special veteran compensation claims.

Lonnell McCall (Left), Drayton Florence (Center), Lieutenant Colonel Rickey Pope, Retired (Right)

Drayton’s latest business endeavor is in the Technology Sector where he serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the award-winning veteran owned technology company Tech From Vets. Named “The Future of Veteran-Owned Tech Companies” by The Huffington Post, Tech From Vets is a technology company based in Jacksonville, Florida. Tech From Vets covers everything from award-winning mobile application development for IOS, Android, and HTML5, web design to suit customer’s individual style and needs, and advertisements on nearly every medium you can think of. Tech From Vets has been featured in The Jacksonville Business Journal, The Huffington Post, and The Upstart Business Journal for their innovative technological advancements. Drayton’s Tech From Vets is currently developing a mobile app that will help prevent the 22 veteran suicides that occur daily. Comprised of not only decorated Military veterans but also NFL veterans, the objective of Tech From Vets is to Educate, Innovate and Accelerate businesses of all sizes through technology.

“Drayton is a dedicated and knowledgeable strategic visionary. The acceleration of our tech company has been possible due to the connections and opportunities Drayton has facilitated for our brand,” said Tech From Vets Chief Innovation Officer Brandon Sugar.

Drayton has a passion for bringing technology to Northeast Florida. Utilizing Drayton’s extensive knowledge of business and his determination help Tech From Vets make an impact in the Tech sector Drayton has become a force to be reckoned with in the tech industry.

“Drayton is proving that just because you have enormous success in other professional industries it doesn’t mean you should not reinvent yourself. Drayton’s addition to the Tech From Vets team has made our business grow at an accelerated rate,” said Tech From Vets Vice President Lonnell McCall.

Tech From Vets has also partnered with NFL professional Mario Butler’s One Stop Digital Marketing to help business owners reach the top of the search engines quickly.

“While Mario currently rehabilitates from shoulder surgery, our goal is to help each others business as we would help each other on the field. The Tech sector is similar to the NFL, it’s a team sport. That’s why I am so passionate about Tech From Vets and the growth of the technology industry,” said Drayton.

The future is bright for the NFL superstar and his impact is being felt through the industry. The technology sector should brace for more professional athletes making a success transition just as Drayton Florence and Mario Butler has.